The Guernsey Renewable Energy Forum

The Guernsey Renewable Energy Forum (GREF) was formed in 2008 as an independent forum to allow open discussion on matters relating to renewable energy after its founder, Dr Andrew Casebow, met representatives from the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF) and the Orkney Renewable Energy Commission, the Orkney equivalent of GREC. The Orkney Renewable Energy Commission (OREC) cannot talk to developers as it has to remain impartial, so the Forum (OREF) was set up as a separate limited company in 2005 to engage all stakeholders and to promote and facilitate renewable energy and research in Orkney.

GREF was formed in Guernsey to undertake the same role as OREF in Orkney, to promote and facilitate renewable energy in Guernsey and is independent of both RET and GREC. It was also seen as a useful way to link into local expertise, such as La Société Guernesiaise, and to engage with local people. GREF is formed primarily from non-governmental stakeholder groups, but is open to anybody with an interest including developers.

The Forum includes a number of members with technical specialisms that were relevant to the preparation of the Regional Environmental Assessment (REA). The Forum is effectively a “Non- Government Organisation (NGO)” and is distinct and independent from the Guernsey Renewable Energy Team (RET), Commerce and Employment and the States of Guernsey, and will continue to work alongside RET throughout the development of renewable energy on Guernsey

GREFs objectives are to: 

  1. Promote all forms of renewable energy, and energy efficiency;

  2. Encourage the preferential use of renewable energy in Guernsey;

  3. Debate the best technical, sustainable and publicly acceptable options for increasing renewable energy and energy efficiency in Guernsey;

  4. Facilitate research and development in renewable energy and energy efficiency;

  5. Facilitate research on the environmental and socio-economic impacts of renewable energy generation (e.g. Strategic Environmental Assessment and Marine Spatial Planning);

  6. Disseminate information on renewable energy and energy efficiency;

  7. Lobby on the strategic issues affecting the development of a renewable energy sector in Guernsey; and

  8. Act as a consultative body on issues related to connecting Guernsey to renewable energy markets

If you wish to contact the renewable energy forum, please contact Dr Andrew Casebow at :

Les Belles Arbres,
Avenue Beauvais,
Ville au Roi,
St Peter Port,
GY1 1PQ.

email address:

or at:

States of Guernsey
P.O.Box 459,
Raymond Falla House,
Longue Rue,
St Martins,

Tel. 01481 234567
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