The Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission

The Guernsey Renewable Energy Commission (GREC) will be formed once the Renewable Energy (Guernsey) Law 2010 is enacted, which will be at the time Guernsey views the industry as ready to meet the islands needs. GREC will be the regulatory body tasked with receiving applications and issuing licences to developers as well as ensuring that all licence conditions are met by the developers.

GREC will be formed independently of RET, and it is important that RET and GREC are different entities so any discussions taken between RET and any other body prior to the establishment of GREC will not influence GREC and cannot affect GREC’s impartiality.

GREC is also a separate entity to the former Shadow GREC (now incorporated into RET). The work undertaken by Shadow GREC (now RET) (essentially enabling work), and GREC (licensing and enforcement) are substantially different and this was one of the driving factors to change from Shadow GREC to RET. This is to attempt to avoid any confusion between the roles, functions and personnel of Shadow GREC and GREC.