Wind Assessment

RET have extended the REA to wind to take account of the workstreams that are currently underway investigating the resource. As well as this it has been identified as the only large scale near term option for Macro Renewable development. 

The following chapters have been revised based on the additional effects that Wind will have on the receptors. Any chanpter not listed are to be read as the same as the Wave and Tidal REA released in 2011. 

  • Chapters 1-3 - Introduction, Background and Method
  • Chapter 5 – Wind Resource

  • Chapter 9 - Birds

  • Chapter 11 - Commercial Fisheries and Mariculture

  • Chapter 15 - Shipping and Navigation

  • Chapter 19 - Landscape and Seascape Character

Revised Wind Environmental Assessment: Introduction, Background and Method (1.1MB)

This is the introduction to the revised wind assessment, providing the background to the document as well as the processes followed. This makes up the first three chapters of the document. This document also includes an Executive Summary of the REA.

CH 5 – Wind Resource (600KB)

This chapter discusses the wind resource around Guernsey and how making use of historical airport data along with new data from the Mast at Choet can give us reasonable wind resource predictions. There is also a brief analysis of radar issues on wind farms. For more detail on Wind farms and aviation please see the Civil Aviation Authority paper -  CAA Policy and Guidelines on Wind Turbine -

CH 9 – Birds (1MB)

This Chapter looks at the species of seabirds within the study area.

CH 11 – Commercial Fisheries and Mariculture (1.1MB)

This Chapter looks at the significant commercial fishing activity withing the study area.

CH 15 – Shipping and Navigation (691KB)

This chapter of the REA gives an overview of the shipping movements in the REA study area and considers the sensitivity of shipping and navigation to marine renewable energy.

CH 19 – Landscape and Seascape Character (566KB)

This chapter looks at the impacts that marine renewable energy development may have on the landscape and seascape character of the coastline of Guernsey.